SharpBin 5 Quart Sharps Container (1/BX, 20BX/CTN, 20 EA/CTN)

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  • AlphaProMed SharpBin 5 Quart Sharps Container.
  • Made of OSHA Compliant Puncture-resistant plastic.
  • Translucent Red with Translucent Lid.
  • Horizontal Design.
  • Touchless deposit.

It is crucial to safely dispose of sharp medical equipment such as needles, syringes, etc., to prevent them from puncturing your skin or someone else’s. Moreover, there’s a high risk of transmission of illness with used needles. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that the needles are disposed of in a way that subdues the risk of injury.  

One of the best ways to store and get rid of needles and syringes is by using a sharps container. They are pretty sturdy and have a sealing lid, along with built-in safety features like lids that can be secured permanently once they fill up.  

AlphaProMed SharpBin 5 Quart Sharps Container is made of impact resistant material for the safe disposal of sharp medical instruments such as needles, ampules, lancets, surgical blades, vials, etc. The clear top of our disposable sharps container allows easy visuals on when to stop using and replace.  

In AlphaProMed, our highly skilled team of designers and product engineers are able to produce functional prototypes quickly. Our team members test the functionality of the products and draw on users’ feedback to prove or disprove the product’s worth.  

Our products are reviewed and assessed by the world’s most qualified clinicians and professionals so that we can bring the most promising medical supply solutions to market. 



Its horizontal design maximizes the overall capacity, also providing a larger opening for easy disposal.  


Our 5 Quart Sharps Containers are made of OSHA Compliant Puncture-resistant plastic, with a remarkable capacity to absorb and distribute the force to avoid any penetration of sharp medical devices.  


Its locking lid make sure that no contents come out and create a hazard.    


1/BX, 20BX/CTN, 20 EA/CTN 


  • $9.08 Box/1 
  • $142.71 Carton/20 
  1. Touchless deposit. 
  2. Size: 11” x 10.5” x 4.5”. 
  3. Color: Translucent Red with Translucent Lid. 
  4. Disposable.
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


Sub-brand Name





Red with Translucent Lid


5 Quart






Puncture-Resistant Plastic

Product Category

Waste Containers & Accesories

Product sub-category

Sharps Containers


Sharps Disposal and Accessories

PCS Dimension

28 cm x 27 cm x11.5 cm

PCS Gross Weight


PCS Net Weight




Ordering Information

Ref Box 181282
Ref Carton 181299
PCS per DB 1
DB Dimension 28cm x 13cm x 29cm
DB Gross Weight 521.5g
DB Net Weight 370g
EA per MC 20
DB per MC 20
MC Dimension 66cm x 57cm x 59cm
MC Gross Weight 11.95kg
MC Net Weight 7.5kg
PCS per Container (20 Ft) 1776
Boxes per Container (20 Ft) 1776
Master Cartons per Container (20 Ft) 148
PCS per Container (40 Ft) 3564
Boxes per Container (40 Ft) 3564
Master Cartons per Container (40 Ft) 297
PCS per Container (40 Ft HQ) 3672
Boxes per Container (40 Ft HQ) 3672
Master Cartons per Container (40 Ft HQ) 306

User Information

User Guide
Safety Information
Accreditation FDA 510K Cleared
FDA Device Class II
Intend Use For safely disposing of biohazards like used syringes and needles.
Shelf Life 5 Years

Material Performance

Puncture Resistant Plastic

Puncture resistant plastics are those with a higher resistance index to the extent of the maximum energy necessary to penetrate a material mechanically without being torn at a point on its surface. Among them is polypropylene, polypropylene with rubber, plastic RFE, recycled plastic rPET.


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